Color Botanicals - Chrysanthemum
Color Botanicals - Hosta
Color Botanicals - Magnolia
Color Botanicals - White Tree Peony
Color Botanicals - Daffodil
Color Botanicals - Hydrangea
Color Botanicals - Strobilanthes
Color Botanicals - White Callas Lilies
Color Botanicals - Yellow Tulip with Buds
Color Botanicals - Two Tulips IV
Color Botanicals- Succulent I
Color Botanicals - White Rose III
Color Botanicals - Datura
Color Botanicals - Ostrich Fern
Color Botanicals - Emerging Clematis
Color Botanicals - White Tulips
Color Botanicals- White Callas Close-Up

The Beauty of Plants

Plants have universal appeal.  Living in an environment rich with botanical life, humans developed a close relationship with the surrounding vegetation, whose nutritional wealth and diversity enabled mankind to thrive.  As cultures emerged, people began to perceive and celebrate floral beauty.  This aesthetic became a focus for artistic and social expression.  We are fortunate to have eyes and intellect that can interpret form and color in ways that engage our emotions.

Patterns In Nature

A visual exploration of the relationships of patterns in flowers with other forms and structures seen in the physical and natural world. Watch the Video >>

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Early Spring Hosta


In shade gardens Hosta are emerging with layer upon layer of their green leaves pushing upward from their rhizomes. Hosta is a perennial, herbaceous plant that can grow in either moist or arid soil. This lush plant plays an important role in gardens where light filters through trees. The long, ovate leaves of Hosta are…