Excerpts From Selected Reviews

“Amy Lamb goes way beyond taking exquisite photographs of magnificent flowers. She combines science, personal identity, and passion to produce images that reach another dimension. She exalts both the ‘architecture of the natural world,’ and our indefinable exhilaration with natural beauty.”
—Jim Magner, Hill Rag, December 2012

“[Amy] Lamb’s depictions are exquisitely detailed, with every wrinkle, petal, and leaf close up. You’ve never seen flowers quite like this.”
—Jordan Bartel, Baltimore Sun, B Free Daily, April 9, 2009

“Amy Lamb’s stunning floral photographs . . . inspire wonder on so many levels— aesthetic, symbolic, scientific, and metaphysical. . . . In a Lamb photograph, one can never quite get over the suspicion that flowers may also possess souls.”
—Glenn McNatt, The Baltimore Sun, February 2, 2007

“Viewed through the eyes of the Maryland scientist-turned-artist, a plant is more than a plant—each one is the universe in microcosm. Seeing Amy Lamb’s botanical photographs is like seeing plants for the first time. . . . The flowers and foliage in these images seem to be alive—more alive than some live plants . . . the images are so dramatic and riveting.”
—Lynda DeWitt, The American Gardener, September/October 2006

“[Amy] Lamb clearly possesses a green thumb in both garden and studio. Crossbreeding fine art and science, Lamb . . . captures a painterly quality without compromising technical detail. Lamb’s alluring garden of delights pulse with color from muted to bright, repetitive petal, leaf and stem patterns, and the sculptural forms of individual flowers.”
—Robin Tierney, The Examiner, September 16-17, 2006

“Amy Lamb . . . has managed to negotiate the philosophical challenge of postmodernism with what can only be described as willful insouciance. . . . Her pictures are a kind of poetic speech, metaphorical, symbolic, and expressive of a deeply personal response to nature that seems truth enough in itself solely because the artist persuades us to share her delight in her subject.”
—Glenn McNatt, The Baltimore Sun, July 14, 2005

“[Amy Lamb] brings a scientific knowledge that melds perfectly with her artistic vision. . . . Few have the vision, patience and insight that Amy Lamb exhibits.”
—Nate Howard, Artwork This Week, Maryland Public Television, August 2004

“[Lamb’s prints] are scientifically precise and poetically imagined, a combination that places Lamb solidly in the tradition of such pioneering botanical innovators as Imogen Cunningham and Robert Mapplethorpe.”
—Glenn McNatt, The Baltimore Sun, January 1, 2004

“[Amy Lamb] has produced a body of photographic prints that invite comparisons to the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe. Design, color, and function fuse and become a work of art.”
—Rhonda Stansberry, Omaha World-Herald, July 2002

“Lamb makes meticulously planned close-up images of flowers . . . She brings her flowers’ colors to life.”
—Louis Jacobson, “Shuttered Out: Top Ten Photography Exhibits of 2001,”
Washington City Paper, December 21, 2001

“[The work of Amy Lamb] projects precision and softness . . . The combination of delicacy and sturdiness is reminiscent of certain handsome Japanese woodcuts.”
—Joanna Shaw-Eagle, The Washington Times, June 16, 2001

“Countless artists churn out hackneyed depictions of the overflowing vase or the solitary blossom, but in this ocean of mediocrity, some, such as photographer Amy Lamb, will create fresh, captivating images of petals and perianths, making sense of the mania . . . she makes large, lush close-up full-color Iris prints of absolutely pristine fruits and flowers. [Lamb uses] nature’s perfection to explore relationships between forms and colors . . . Whether fruit or flower, her subjects are usually at the peak of perfection. On a symbolic level, they serve, as they have for centuries, as allegories for the transient nature of life and beauty.”
—Ferdinand Protzman, The Washington Post, July 1, 1999

“Amy Lamb[’s] large, luscious, photographic close-ups of flowers are intensely dramatic and sensuous.”
—Nancy Ungar, Bethesda Gazette, February 3, 1999

“Lamb has invited us into a world of detail that allows us to know these blooms as individuals . . . to soften and blur tones, to allow delicate petal forms to appear strong and sculptural. All traces of the artist is removed and one senses nature as the compulsive force behind such beauty.”
—Nancy Ungar, Bethesda Gazette, November 18, 1998

“Here are warm, sensual, vital images—small wonders writ large and preserved by a scientist’s passion, an artist’s skill . . . She [Amy Lamb] shoots lush color close-ups of her subjects—tulips, clematis, pansies, pears, and apples . . . Lamb’s technique makes the flowers and fruit glow.”
—Ferdinand Protzman, The Washington Post, December 4, 1997

“Amy Lamb is a fresh new artist [with] a dynamite exhibition. Step into the gallery space and the sun comes out. You are in a fabulous garden with super-size flowers and fruits. These botanical prints are stunning.”
—Harold Horowitz, The Washington Print Club Quarterly, Spring, 1996